19 Best Gifts For Stressed College Students

Got a stressed out college student on your hands? Here’s 19 stress relieving gift ideas for college students.

College is all fun and games until you have a 10-page paper due at midnight, algebra homework due the following night, and a class presentation the following Monday. Talk about stressful!

If you are a college student or a friend/family member of a college student, here are 19 awesome gifts you can send or give to a stressed out college student. These gifts will help them calm down and motivate them to continue on with their studies.

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19 gift ideas for stressed out college students

1. Weighted blanket

Stress relief comes in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes it comes in a form of a 15 lb. weighted blanket!

If the college student in your life loves to do homework in bed or on the couch, then a weighted blanket would be perfect for them. They’ll feel like they are being hugged and comforted while doing their college assignments.

2. Shower steamers

Busy college students don’t always have the time to take a hot bath. But a relaxing shower with these aromatherapy shower bombs will do just the trick! These shower bombs come in a variety of stress relieving scents like lavender and eucalyptus for instant relief.

3. Comfy loungewear set

Every college student needs a comfy loungewear set to get them in the mood to study. This adorable tie-dye loungewear set will help the college girl in your life feel motivated to study no matter how stressful it gets!

4. Essential oil diffuser

Many college students can’t use candles in their dorm room or college apartments to help them relieve stress. However, they can use an essential oil diffuser like this one.

An essential oil diffuser is a great gift for stressed out college students because it provides relief passively thanks to the benefits of essential oils like lavender and lemongrass.

5. Scalp massager

Unfortunately, many college students don’t have the luxury of getting a massage after a stressful week of classes. However, this handheld scalp massager will do just the trick for quick stress relief that feels so good!

6. Desk fountain

Help the stressed-out college student in your life create a tranquil study space with this desk water fountain. My boyfriend actually got this exact one for Christmas and it’s so soothing to listen to while studying for my graduate school classes.

7. Adult coloring book

If you’ve got some time on your hands in between classes, why not do some coloring to destress?

Adult coloring books can be a great way to relieve stress and take a much needed break from studying. This coloring book is really cool too because the pages are specifically made to be torn out and framed on your wall.

8. Motivational mug

Coffee and college go hand-in-hand, so you might as well have a coffee mug that keeps you upbeat during your study sessions. This “sunny side up” mug is a great reminder to relax and stay positive even when you’re stressed out about college.

9. Linen spray

Having a good smelling study space is essential to staying stress free while working on your college assignments. This linen spay would be perfect to spray on your desk chair, the couch, or on your bed before starting a cramming session the night before a test.

10. Silk pillowcase

Having a bed that allows you unwind and destress is essential for college students. This silk pillowcase from Kitsch is a great way to keep your hair and skin looking stress free. I personally can’t sleep without mine!

11. Infinity cube fidget toy

Fidget toys are a wonderful way to get on-the-go stress relief. According to Flushing Hospital, fidget toys were shown to improve grades by 10% in addition to helping relieve stress and anxiety. College students can use fidget toys to relieve test anxiety before a big exam, during study breaks, or even while studying for improved focus.

12. Cooling facial roller

Stress can definitely show physically on your face. If you’re wanting to look more pulled together, feel refreshed, and stress free then this cooling facial roller is one way to give your skin the love it deserves. You can even pop it into the fridge while you’re studying and then roll your face with it during your study breaks for an instant pick-me-up.

13. Healthy snack food box

Stressed out college students may feel like they don’t have the time to eat something nutritious. So why not help them out by gifting them a box of healthy stacks. These snacks will keep them energized while studying and they can share them with their roommates too.

14. Desk organizer

One potential source of stress for college students is an unorganized study space. This acrylic desk organizer would be a useful gift to help the college student in your life get their study space organized, which in return, can reduce stress.

15. Self-care practices book

As busy as college students get, they need to make time to practice self-care. This book of 30 self-care ideas is such a practical gift for college students. This book promotes the idea of picking the best self-care activity that aligns with what you need in the moment.

16. Stress relieving fidget toy bracelet

If you’re looking for a fidget toy that doesn’t look like a fidget toy, then this fidget bracelet would be perfect for you. You can de-stress and calm down by transforming this bracelet into different shapes and designs.

One of my research professors actually had larger versions of this and they were really fun and relaxing to play with during lab breaks.

17. Skin de-stressing facial mist

After a long day of classes, it’s so refreshing to spritz your face with this facial mist. This facial mist contains aloe, chamomile, and lavender which will help you calm down and de-stress your skin. You can carry it in your purse for on-the-go stress relief.

18. Stress relief care package

Sometimes all a stressed college student needs is a care package from their parents or best friend. This stress relief care package contains a variety of items, like a lavender eye pillow and cozy socks, to help busy students relax in the comfort of their own home.

19. Essential oil bracelet

Unfortunately, you can’t carry your essential oil diffuser everywhere you go. However, you can make your essential oils work for you on-the-go with this essential oils bracelet. You can add your favorite relaxing essential oil, like bergamot or neroli, onto the beads to help you stay calm and stress free all day long.

Concluding thoughts on what to send a stressed college student

Stress is inevitable in college. However, there are plenty of ways to help the stressed out college student in your life cope.

In this blog post, we discussed 19 gift ideas to help college students destress. Any of the gifts we talked about today would be perfect to give a college student anytime during their busy college semester.

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