Check Out These Businesses You Can Start as a Teen

If you are a teen and you’ve been looking for work, chances are you’ve been rebuffed by every type of business in the area simply because you are a teenager. While this may be discouraging, we want you to know you are in the perfect position to turn the situation upside down and start your own business. In the following 7 hot business prospects, we’ll outline for you several options that are suited to teens who want to make some serious cash and are willing to work to get it. And, whether you are saving for your own vehicle or planning a 3-month trip across Europe upon graduation, this first venture into business will set you up for your later years of leadership in your own business.

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Hot Prospect #1:  Family Album Photographer

Did you ever stop to realize how many photos you’ve taken of family and friends? Why not turn your obsession into a business? We suggest you visit each client family once a week for one year to snap informal pics of children, pets, family areas and other photos that every parent will love. Place the best photos into a do-it-yourself album once every quarter, selecting the best photos of each week. Price your offer and present it to the families you choose, securing the signatures of the parents to seal the deal.

Hot Prospect #2:  Toy & Game Cleaning and Organization

If we had a dime for every plastic block toy we’ve found under the sofa, we’d have enough money to skip working altogether. Children scatter toys wide and far and they often drag whatever is inside outside, leaving toys and stuffed animals bedraggled and dirty. Create a contract with each family to visit once every month to clean and organize the toys of the children. This idea holds serious merit and one you could see yourself doing, right?

Hot Prospect #3: Heirloom Registry

If you like to wear white gloves and act like you own the world, this job is perfect for you. Almost everyone has special collectibles or heirloom pieces, including jewelry, china, memorabilia, and other items that hold a high value for the owners. Often, owners may forget which pieces or items they hold or the items may have been assigned to an inappropriate storage area.Your job is to be the hero, engaging in cataloging and making notes about each piece in the collectibles spaces. You’ll contract with the family on a reasonable basis and charge based on a bulk package of assorted items.

Hot Prospect #4:  Backup Driver

In this scenario, a backup driver accompanies an older relative or friend on errands or to and from appointments. The job of the backup driver is exactly as it sounds; when needed, the backup driver takes over to park the vehicle in tight spots, maneuver through heavy traffic, navigate the highway in the rain or perform other needed driving services.

Hot Prospect #5:  Photo Album Designer

If you’ve ever noticed the old, yellowed photo albums of 30 or 50 years ago, you’ll recognize that old albums need to be replaced with a fresh, nicely designed cover and interior photo pocket pages. If you like art and enjoy designing this type of project, use software to put together a cover, photo pages with pockets, replacing the old album with one that is sparkling new. This could be a full time job, based on the number of old albums we’ve noticed in every home.

Hot Prospect #5:  Music Playlist Expert

Most people do not take the time to study Spotify or other such apps to inform themselves regarding such services, however they do like and appreciate the music of their choice. Charge a fee for monthly service that includes inserting a new playlist for each month, based on the client’s preferences and choice of musical sound.

Hot Prospect #6:  After-School Daycare Center

Owning a daycare center can be fun and profitable when you are informed about the business itself. Study this daycare business plan to get started and find fun and educational activities for children of all ages. This idea could fund more than one car and more than one overseas excursion, if you give the business your best attention.

Hot Prospect #7:  Creating Your Own Cookie Business

This position could be perfect for you, if: you know how to make excellent cookies, and 2, you have the space to prepare large batches of cookies, and 3, you are licensed and certified in your state to make food at home for sale. Sell your cookies to friends at school, your parent’s friends and any other customers you can find.

Each of these hot prospects will offer a tidy profit for teens looking to make an effective change, add cash to their pockets and influence the world, as they launch themselves into business in creative and unusual ways.

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