Senior Year Bucket List 2023: 75 Things To Do Before College

End your senior year of high school right with this bucket list of 75 things to do before going to college.

Ah yes, senior year of high school!

It’s the last year of high school that people either seem to love and want to last forever or want to end as soon as possible.

But regardless, always remember: You only have one senior year of high school ever in your lifeā€“so it’s best to make every moment count.

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing the ultimate senior year bucket list. This bucket list will contain 75 fun, memory-making, and inspiring ways to end your senior year of high school with a bang.

So without further-ado, let’s get started...

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Senior year bucket list: 75 things to do before heading off to college

  1. Attend at least one football game
  2. Attend Prom
  3. Go on a college tour
  4. Take a photo on the first and last day of school
  5. Write a thank you letter to your favorite high school teacher
  6. Try every kind of cafeteria food
  7. Take a photo with every single friend
  8. Write a letter to your high school crush
  9. Create a scrapbook of your favorite high school memories
  10. Go on a senior year trip
  11. Participate in Senior Week
  12. Go to at least one chorus, orchestra, or band concert at your school
  13. Go to at least one theatre performance at your school
  14. Go to a bonfire
  15. Buy high school spirit wear as keepsakes
  16. Take a photo with your mascot
  17. Get featured in your yearbook or newspaper
  18. Join a club
  19. Attend a pep rally and really get into it
  20. Walk across the stage at graduation
  21. Go to at least one other high school sporting event besides football
  22. Dress up super fancy one day for class
  23. Go to one percentage night for your high school
  24. Participate in Community Service Day
  25. Attend the Homecoming Dance
  26. Write a letter to yourself
  27. Make a college bucket list
  28. Tell each of your teacher’s “thank you”
  29. Send a candy gram during Valentine’s Day to each of your friends
  30. Go to a football tailgate
  31. Stand in the front row of the student area during a football game
  32. Walk every hallway in your high school
  33. Try every piece of food and soda from the vending machine
  34. Go to school one day fully decked out in your high school’s spirit colors
  35. Wear a costume to school on Halloween
  36. Go dress shopping for Homecoming and Prom
  37. Take graduation photos
  38. Plan your graduation party
  39. Go to a graduation party
  40. Have a deep conversation about life and the future with one friend
  41. Read the first paper you wrote in high school and then read your latest one
  42. Race a friend down the hallway
  43. Make a new friend
  44. Witness one promposal
  45. Kiss your significant other in the hallway
  46. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs from high school and jam out to it
  47. Watch the entire series of High School Musical movies
  48. Watch one half-time show at a football game in it’s entirety
  49. Draw a picture on your high school parking spot with chalk
  50. Write a senior year message on your friend’s car with car window paint
  51. Take tons of selfies
  52. Friend everyone in your senior class on Facebook
  53. Take a photo with your college acceptance letter and post it to social media
  54. Write a thank you note to your parents
  55. Start a Pinterest board to get you inspired for college
  56. Create a memory box for your high school memories
  57. Wear fuzzy socks to class
  58. Sign all your BFFs yearbooks
  59. Start a daily journal or diary you can reflect back on in the future
  60. Write a letter to each of your friends
  61. Do your makeup super nice one day for school
  62. Try out one new hairstyle
  63. Ask someone out on a date
  64. Have a sleepover
  65. Create a senior yearbook ad
  66. Take a funny high school ID photo
  67. Get out of your comfort zone at least once
  68. Attend a rival high school’s football game
  69. Volunteer to read to kids at a local elementary school
  70. Spend extra time with your high school friends
  71. But also spend extra time with your family too, especially if you’re moving away for college
  72. Go dorm room shopping
  73. Do a closet clean out
  74. Dance in your graduation robe
  75. Explore the city of where your high school is located

Concluding thoughts on senior year bucket list

Senior year of high school is such a special time in your life and you only get to do it once.

I personally wish I could have done more my senior year of high school because I basically spent most of my time studying, applying to colleges, playing in the orchestra, and working on the yearbook for my high school. And I didn’t have much of a social life either!

I truly hope this list of 75 things to do your senior year of high school has inspired you and given you plenty of ideas of things to do before college.

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