20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For College Boyfriend (2023)

Looking for creative, non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend in college? Check out these 20 top picks.

Whether this is your first Valentines Day gift for your college boyfriend or your 5th, figuring out what to get him for V-Day is harder, in my opinion, then choosing what to have for dinner.

If you’re tired of asking your boyfriend over and over what he wants this Valentines Day, I’ve got you covered.

In today’s blog post I am sharing 20 romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your college boyfriend to help inspire and help you chose the perfect gift for him.

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20 cute things to get your college boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

I’m truly all about practical gifts. Meaning gifts your boyfriend can actually use, instead of eat, or just hang up on his wall (but there is one wall art piece in this Valentine’s Day gift guide for him).

So if that is you and your college boyfriend’s gift giving style too, then this gift guide is perfect for you!

1. Cellphone case

If your college boyfriend is anything like mine, he always keeps his phone case until it’s practically in shambles. So for Valentine’s Day, why not get him a new phone case? This one is unique because of its built in kickstand.

Your boyfriend can also use the kickstand to help him hold the phone and prevent it from slipping out of his hands. Because no one likes a cracked phone screen. Trust me, my boyfriend has broken his twice in a span of two weeks!

2. Custom vinyl record

If your boyfriend is in need of a unique piece of art for his dorm or apartment wall, then a custom vinyl record would be such a creative Valentine’s Day gift for him. On this vinyl record you can put your favorite photo of you two on it and even get a custom sleeve for it too.

3. Ember mug

Is your boyfriend a coffee fanatic? Or is he the type of guy who makes a cup of coffee and then forgets about it until its room temperature like mine? Either way, your boyfriend will absolutely love this innovative coffee mug.

The Ember mug is a smart, bluetooth mug that keeps his hot drinks at a consistent temperature all day long. No more cold coffee!

4. Shaving kit

Every guy has to deal with facial hair on the regular, so why not let him feel pampered while doing it? A high-quality shaving kit will make him feel incredible and make kissing him feel a lot less stubbly.

5. Socks

Boys tend to go through socks pretty quickly and if those $5 socks from Walmart just aren’t cutting it anymore, why not get him some high-quality socks from Bombas this Valentine’s Day?

My boyfriend got a whole set of these one year for Christmas and they’re still holding up even after multiple 12-hour shifts working as a restaurant manager.

6. Digital picture frame

If you and your college boyfriend are in a long distance relationship or you two have a lot of memories you share, a digital picture frame would be perfect this V-Day. This picture frame, however, does require a USB drive with photos on it to work.

But you can load the USB up with your favorite memories of you and your boyfriend and even throw in some images of romantic quotes or poems.

7. Undershirts

Sometimes the best gifts are the basics he just doesn’t want to spend the money on to get himself. These undershirts, although basic, are perfect go-to wardrobe pieces when he wants to look put together in minutes. If you feel like undershirts aren’t enough for your guy, you could mix in a few other gifts on this list, like the socks or the next one–a belt.

8. Belt

If your boyfriend has been wearing the same belt for ages, then this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift him a new one. He can’t say no to a new belt, especially if they’re an essential part of his everyday wardrobe.

9. Wallet

If your boyfriend’s current wallet is looking more like a sad piece of cloth, then a brand new wallet is the perfect, romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea. You can even slide in a small photo of the two of you, so when he opens his wallet he thinks of you.

10. Desk organizer

Does your boyfriend’s desk look a tad cluttered? Is he always losing important files or his pen? Why not get him a desk organizer to help him stay sane. This one is really cool because it acts as a monitor stand as well. It’s truly the perfect desk organizer if your boyfriend loves playing video games or does school/works from home.

11. Joggers

Raise your hand if your man wears his clothes until they are torn and worn?! If your boyfriend is in need of new loungewear then a new pair of joggers would be perfect. They would keep him comfy all day long and they’re 100x more comfy than wearing jeans all day.

12. Shoe organizer

Does your boyfriend throw his shoes all over the place when he gets home to his dorm or apartment? Or maybe he’s an avid shoe collector and is running out of room in his closet. If either apply, a shoe organizer would be the a great non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift for him.

13. Duffle bag

If your boyfriend travels, spends the night at friends houses, or goes to the gym a nice, sturdy duffle bag would be a great gift to consider getting him this Valentine’s Day. And you can bet this gift will be highly used and loved by him!

14. Photo album

A truly romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea for your college boyfriend is a photo album of your favorite memories of you and him together. You could get the photos printed at your local drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS.

And if you don’t have enough photos, you could write some cute, personalized notes on index cards or make each card a reason why you love him. Then you can slide the cards into the photo slots. That way as he is looking through the album he’ll see these surprise love notes and feel truly loved and appreciated.

15. Apple watch band

If your boyfriend has an Apple watch band and has never changed out his band since the day he got it OR he just loves switching out his watch band with his outfits, then a new Apple watch band would be such a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for him.

16. MyPillow Pillow

Want your college boyfriend to think of you every single time he goes to sleep at night? If so, why don’t you get him a brand new pillow!

The pillows he brought with him to college are probably not the best, but a MyPillow Pillow is literally the best pillow ever! I seriously cannot sleep with any other pillow.

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day gift even more romantic, you can get him a custom pillowcase like this one.

17. Cologne sampler

If your boyfriend is all about smelling great or is branching out into cologne, then a cologne sampler like this one would be perfect for him. And if he finds one that he likes from these samples, you then have an automatic gift idea for his birthday or next holiday.

18. Slippers

What better way for your boyfriend to lounge around his college dorm or apartment than in a pair of cozy slippers. These classic Ugg slippers will keep his feet warm until spring and summer arrives.

19. Robe

Need something to pair with those slippers? What about a robe? This robe is so comfy he’ll never want to change out of it.

20. LED light keyboard

If you really want to go all out this Valentine’s Day for your boyfriend then this LED keyboard is your best bet, especially if he is an avid gamer or electronic enthusiast.

My boyfriend just recently got this keyboard and it’s like if a light show and a keyboard had a baby. It flashes the entire rainbow and he can customize the color/look of the keyboard to fit his aesthetic.

Concluding thoughts on romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for him

If you have been stumped on what to get your college boyfriend for Valentine’s Day 2021, I truly hope this gift guide for him has helped and inspired you.

But at the end of the day, no matter what you get your boyfriend, if he is a keeper, he will truly appreciate anything from you, trust me!

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