101 Unique Sorority Little Gift Ideas for Big Little Baskets

Wondering what you should get your new little sorority? Here are 101 sorority big little gift ideas that will be perfect for her gift baskets.

So you just got the news from the New Member Educator that you got the sorority Little of your dreams.

First of all, congratulations! I know you will make an awesome Big.

But now that the excitement is dwindling down, it is time to get to work creating the perfect sorority little gift baskets for Big Little Reveal Week.

If you are unsure of what to put in your new sorority little’s baskets or need the last few filler items, you have come to the right blog post.

In this blog post I will be sharing 101 sorority little gift ideas to spoil your sorority little with.

And for those who are new to sorority life, we will also be discussing what a sorority little is, how sorority bigs and littles pairs are chosen, and what sorority little gift baskets are before getting into the gift ideas.

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What is a sorority little?

A sorority little is a new member in a sorority who is the mentee of an active sorority sister called a “Big.”

A sorority little is mentored by her sorority big throughout the new member process, initiation events, and beyond that, i.e., college life, sorority life, and post-college life as well.

Want to learn more about sorority family terminology? Check out this blog post by clicking here.

How do sororities pick bigs and littles?

Usually, the New Member Educator, or sorority sister with an equivalent title/role, will be in charge of pairing potential sorority bigs with a new member in a sorority.

In some cases, a sorority sister will get multiple new members as their littles, so they will be called “twins” or “triplets” (even though they are not biologically related).

The New Member Educator will try to make sure sorority big and little pairings are mutually exclusive and that the new members get their first or second choice Big as indicated on their preference sheet they fill out.

Once the New Member Educator pairs up active sorority sisters with new members, the sorority sister is called and receives the exciting news of who her sorority little(s) is.

Afterward, there is usually a two week period where new members eagerly await to find out who their sorority big is and the sorority bigs are planning for Reveal Night and create baskets to give their for their sorority little(s) leading up to Reveal Night.

What are sorority little baskets?

Sorority little baskets are baskets that contain a variety of items relating to what the sorority little likes (ex: favorite candy, favorite drink, favorite movie/TV show, etc) and sorority apparel/lifestyle items (t-shirts, mugs, sorority letter flag, sorority canvas, etc.).

These baskets are mean to get the sorority little excited and curious of who her sorority big is.

It is also a great way for a sorority little to start building her collection of items and apparel with her sorority letters before initiation.

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What goes into sorority little gift baskets?

Each sorority will have its own requirements for what to put in sorority little baskets, but overall the baskets will contain a variety of items from food, sorority t-shirts, gift cards, etc. that will get your new sorority little hyped for Reveal Night.

Below you can see an image of an actual basket I put together for my second sorority little, we’ll call her Little A.

This is a photo of a gift basket I got my own sorority little back in 2018. It is a brown basket with pink, white, and gold tassels around it. Inside of the basket is a canvas, three shirts, a white blanket, a water bottle, and a light-up letter board.

When I was in a sorority we were given a list of required items to put in our sorority Little’s baskets and suggested items.

Required items included:

  • Pin or badge box
  • Painted/decorated sorority wooden letters
  • Reveal day outfit/t-shirt

Suggested items included:

  • Candy
  • Food
  • T-shirts or other apparel items
  • Stuff animal
  • Blanket
  • Canvases

Usually, there are 3 days worth of baskets and each basket will contain a certain number of items.

Some sororities will be more strict on how many items you can put in your sorority little’s basket to prevent other new members from getting upset or jealous of one another. For example, my sorority capped us at 7 items per basket.

The 3 days worth of baskets may also have a theme chosen by the New Member Educator.

For example, day 1 of baskets could be “your Little’s favorites” so think of creating a basket with her favorite candy, drink, stuff animal, canvas with her favorite quote on it, etc.

Then day 2 could be all about the sorority so you can curate a basket full of your sorority’s letters on t-shirts, canvases, accessories, etc.

And then the final day of baskets is again is themed your “Little’s favorites.”

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How to pick the best items to put in your little’s baskets

Hopefully, you have already met your sorority Little and have gotten to know her well enough to know basic things she likes such as her favorite restaurant, candy, animal, color(s), TV show, etc.

You may also receive a form that was filled out by your soon-to-be-little of different things she likes to help you brainstorm sorority little gift ideas for her.

However, if you are stuck on what to get your sorority little you can always anonymously text her through a texting app, look at her Facebook and Instagram accounts, browse YouTube for videos on “what I got my sorority little,” and of course use this list of 101 sorority little gift ideas to spark inspiration.

At the end of the day, though, your new sorority Little will be so excited to finally know who you are.

And she is going to be so fortunate she got you as a Big!

I wouldn’t stress out too much about what to get your sorority Little as long as you are genuine and thoughtful about what you gift your sorority Little.

101 Sorority Little Gift Ideas

  1. Alarm clock
  2. Apple pen or stylus
  3. Apple Watch band
  4. Badge/pin box
  5. Bath bombs
  6. Bath robe
  7. Blanket
  8. Body lotion
  9. Body scrub
  10. Body wash
  11. Book
  12. Bracelet
  13. Bracelet keyring
  14. Calendar
  15. Candle
  16. Candle warmer
  17. Candy
  18. Canvases
  19. Car coasters
  20. Car wash subscription
  21. Cell phone holder for car
  22. Cell phone stand ring
  23. Coloring book
  24. Concert tickets
  25. Corkboard
  26. Crewneck sweater
  27. Cupcakes or cake
  28. Dry shampoo
  29. Earrings
  30. Emergency kit
  31. External battery to charge phone
  32. External hard drive
  33. Face mask
  34. Face wash and moisturizer
  35. Face wipes
  36. Favorite drink (non-alcoholic)
  37. Favorite k-cup of nespresso pods
  38. Favorite snack
  39. Framed digital print
  40. Fuzzy socks
  41. Gift card to favorite movie, restaurant, store, etc.
  42. Hairbrush
  43. Hair mask
  44. Hair scrunchies
  45. Hat
  46. Headphones/earphones
  47. House plant
  48. Jewelry tray
  49. Keychain
  50. Lap desk
  51. Laptop case
  52. Lavalier
  53. Leggings
  54. Letterboard
  55. Lunch bag
  56. Makeup mirror
  57. Makeup bag
  58. Makeup palette
  59. Motivational mug
  60. Mug with sorority letters
  61. Nail kit w/ nail polish and top coat
  62. Necklace
  63. Netflix or Hulu subscription
  64. Notebook or journal
  65. Oil diffuser
  66. Pajama set
  67. Passport holder
  68. Pen set
  69. Perfume or body spray
  70. Phone case
  71. Picture display
  72. Picture frame
  73. Pillow
  74. Planner
  75. Polaroid camera
  76. Popsocket
  77. To-do list pad
  78. Tote bag
  79. Ring
  80. Shoes
  81. Sorority flag
  82. Sorority buttons
  83. Star dome/star projector
  84. Stick on cell phone wallet
  85. Stickers from RedBubble
  86. Stitch letters
  87. String lights
  88. Stuffed animal
  89. Sunglasses
  90. Tray
  91. T-shirts
  92. Table coasters
  93. Tank Tops
  94. Tea or coffee sampler
  95. Travel coffee/tea mug
  96. Wallet
  97. Water bottle
  98. Wine glasses
  99. Wooden letters
  100. Wooden sign
  101. Yeti tumbler

You got your sorority little gift ideas, now go curate the perfect sorority big/little baskets for her!

Creating the perfect baskets for your sorority little is one of the most exciting, yet stressful times in your sorority life.

However, it is always worth it in the end when you get photos or videos of your sorority little opening up her baskets.

And it is even more exciting on Reveal Night when you get to reveal yourself to your brand new sorority little.

I know your sorority little will absolutely LOVE her sorority gift baskets and I truly hope these 101 sorority little gift ideas have helped you find ideas on what to put in her sorority gift baskets.

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