15 Useful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Young Adults (2023)

Need some Valentine’s Day gift inspo for the young adult in your life? Check out these 15 trendy picks.

You are never too old to receive a Valentine’s Day gift.

In fact, even after 24 years, my parent’s still get me something for Valentine’s Day each year (usually it’s money).

So whether you are a parent looking for something special for your millennial-aged kid or a girlfriend looking for something for your 20-year-old boyfriend, this gift guide is for you.

In this post, I am sharing the 15 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for young adults (men and/or women).

These gift ideas are practical and useful, so you know the young adult in your life will use them over and over again.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

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15 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for young adults

1. Tile starter pack

No one likes losing their keys, wallet, or (even worse) their phone. Tiles are a great way for young adults to keep track of their precious everyday items.

This Tile Starter Pack comes with a Tile that fits seamlessly in their wallet and a Tile that hooks onto their keychain. It’s definitely a must-have for any millennial who is prone to losing things.

2. You survived 2020 motivational mug

2020 was a seriously hard year for many young adults. If the 20-something year old in your life struggled this year, but stayed resilient, this mug would be a great Valentines Day gift for them. They may even keep the mug and show it to their grandkids one day!

3. Charging hub

Having a dead battery is the worst! Always make sure the young adult in your life has their Apple products fully charged and ready to take on the day with this charging hub from Elago.

It is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, Airpods, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and X.

4. Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket can be an absolute game changer for the stressed out young adult. Any 20-something would love this as a Valentine’s Day present and I can guarantee you they will snuggle up in it every night after work.

5. I can’t adult today sweatshirt

From @signaturetshirts on Etsy

Although adulting never stops, this comical sweatshirt would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any young adult. Especially if they constantly complain how much they loathe adulting.

6. Blue light filter laptop screen protector

With work and school being virtual, it’s essential to protect one’s eyes. Give the young adult in your life the eye protection they need with a blue light filter screen protector.

It’s less clunky than wearing blue light glasses and it will protect not only their computer screen, but their eyes as well.

7. iPhone projector

If the young adult in your life loves entertaining, then this portable iPhone projector would be such a useful Valentine’s Day gift for them.

They can easily host outdoor movie or video game nights with friends or use it to watch Netflix in bed on the weekends.

8. Millennial Games

Although Cards Against Humanities is a classic game for young adults, this card game, Millennial Games, would be a fresh addition to their game nights with friends.

9. Simple recipe cookbook

Every 20-something year old needs to know how to cook, but it can be quite overwhelming.

This recipe book was created by chef Hugh Acheson. It is centered around teaching young adults basic cooking skills they can build on over-time as they become more confident in the kitchen.

10. Office on-the-go kit

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need a ruler or a pair of scissors until it is too late.

This office on-the-go kit solves all those pesky problems young adults have like: needing to cut a loose thread from their shirt before an interview or needing to remove a staple from a document at work.

11. Cactus and succulent growing kit

If the young adult in your life has a green thumb, why not get them something they can watch grow and nurture overtime? This cactus and succulent grow kit makes such a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

And not only does this grow kit come with one plant, it comes with four plants with step-by-step instructions on how to care for them. Perfect even for beginners!

12. Computer cable organizer

Working and doing school from home = a lot of cables! This sleek cable organizer will help the millennial in your life keep their essential cables from being tangled and ruined overtime.

13. Alcoholic seltzer shower holder

If the young adult in your life is of drinking age (or if they love regular soda), then this seltzer shower holder would be the perfect shower companion for them. They can relax in the shower while enjoying their favorite alcoholic seltzer at the same time.

14. Computer monitor dry erase board

Is your 20-something year old always forgetting appointments, deadlines, or birthdays? Then this computer monitor dry erase board would be the perfect productivity accessory for them!

15. Backrest pillow

After a long day of working or doing school work at the computer, it’s always a good idea to kick back and relax. This backrest pillow paired with a cozy blanket, would be the perfect set up for their after-work wind down routine.

Concluding thoughts on Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 20-something year olds

Valentine’s Day 2021 is right around the corner.

And if you were stumped on what to get the millennial in your life for V-Day I hope this gift guide has given you the inspiration and guidance you needed to find the perfect gift for the young adult in your life. Good luck!

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