40 Brilliant Stocking Stuffers for College Girls (2023)

Want to give the college girl in your life stocking stuffers they will absolutely love? Check out these 40 stocking stuffer ideas for college girls in 2023.

Whether you are a parent on the hunt for the perfect stocking stuffers for your college-aged girl or a college girl wanting to figure out what to put on their Christmas list, this post is for you. 

In today’s blog post we are talking all about stocking stuffer ideas for college girls.

I’ll be sharing with you the best and most trendy stocking stuffers the college girl in your life that she will absolutely love!

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What are stocking stuffers?

Stocking stuffers are “fun-sized” presents you put in a stocking.

In my personal experience, stocking stuffers are a great way for people to gift everyday items like a new toothbrush, deodorant, and shaving razors while saving the bigger ticket items for presents that are wrapped under the Christmas tree.

However, stocking stuffers can be really anything from expensive items to less expensive items, they just have to fit inside of the stocking.

What is a Christmas stocking?

In layman’s terms, a Christmas is an oversized, decorative sock that is used during Christmas time.

Stockings are a Christmas tradition for many families and the items inside of the stocking are usually the first presents someone will open on Christmas morning.

Looking for a cute stocking for your college girl? Check out these trendy stockings:

If the college girl in your life needs a bit of a stocking upgrade, here are two trendy picks.

40 stocking stuffers ideas for college girls

1. Wrist key ring

Sometimes purses are too much of a hassle to lug around while out and about running errands.

That’s where a wrist key ring comes in super handy!

A wrist keyring is a bracelet that holds all of your keys securely in one place.

And even better, if you throw your wrist keyring in a purse, it is so easy to find your keys because these things are huge!

This is a perfect, budget-friendly stocking stuffer for the college girl in your life.

2. Fuzzy socks

Who doesn’t love a good pair (or pairs) of fuzzy socks to cozy up in during the holiday season?

Every college girl will appreciate a new pair of fuzzy socks and they will fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking.

These fuzzy socks from Target or these ones from Amazon are great, budget-friendly stocking stuffers for college girls.

3. Lip balm

Lip balm is such a classic, go-to stocking stuffer, but it is such an essential for the wintertime.

No one, especially the busy college girl, wants dry, chapped lips!

The best lip balm is Vaseline. It’s simple, there’s no weird ingredients, and its versatile.

She can use this Vaseline lip balm to moisturize not only her lips but also dry parts of her skin, like the elbows and nail cuticles.

4. Phone ring

Every college girl wants to keep their smart phone’s screen from getting damaged.

One of the best ways is with a phone ring.

A phone ring is stylish, minimalistic, and will make holding her phone 100x easier.

The Casetify phone ring (as shown to the right) is the perfect smartphone stocking stuffer for the college girl looking for a solution to keep her phone safe.

5. Cardholder/wrist wallet

Sometimes it isn’t practical to carry around a purse everywhere.

Similar to the wrist keyring (stocking stuffer idea #1), a cardholder or a wrist wallet is the perfect solution for the on-the-go college girl who doesn’t want to carry around the extra weight from her purse or handbag.

6. Jewelry dish

Losing earrings or jewelry is not fun at all, especially if it is a special piece of jewelry.

One of the best ways to keep jewelry safe and easy to find is a jewelry dish.

A jewelry dish is a great decor piece that will consistently be used and loved for many years.

7. Ornament

Want the college girl in your life to always have a small reminder of you every holiday season?

An ornament is a perfect way for her to always have a piece of you and remember the Christmas you gave her the cutest ornament.

You can get an ornament to match her holiday decor or a personalized ornament with her name on it like this one.

8. Apple watch band

If the college girl in your life has an Apple watch already or is getting a new Apple Watch this holiday season, add an Apple watch band to her holiday stocking.

The perfect Apple Watch band can add personality to a neutral outfit or be a great addition to her expanding Apple Watch band collection.

9. Silk hair scrunchies

Every girl needs a hair tie or hair scrunchies on hand in case her hair is getting in her way while studying or she just can’t be bothered to do her hair that day.

Silk hair scrunchies are an amazing upgrade from a typical elastic hair tie, which can stag or break hair.

I personally love silk hair scrunchies from Kitsch. They’re strong enough to hold my thick Asian hair up, but without pulling out my hair or giving me a headache!

10. Personalized necklace

Some girls favor a certain type of jewelry.

Some girls love earrings, some rings, and some are head over heels for necklaces.

If the college girl in your life is a necklace fanatic, why not get a personalized necklace as a stocking stuffer this Christmas?

A personalized necklace can be a great way for her to always have a part of you with her and add a finishing touch to every outfit.

11. Small makeup bag

You’d be surprised how versatile a small makeup bag can be.

A small makeup bag makes the perfect stocking stuffer for college girls because she can use it for storing:

  • Makeup
  • Pencils or pens for school
  • On-the-go feminine products
  • Electronic cords
  • & more!

12. Phone charger

Being without a phone charger is the worst!

And it can even be risky if you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a dead cell phone.

Make sure your college girl always has a spare phone charger so she is always prepared and able to connect to civilization in a jiffy.

13. Facial roller

College = stress and stress = a puffy face and tired eyes and no college girl wants that.

This holiday season, add a facial roller to her stocking and she’ll love you forever!

A facial roller is a great way to depuff the face, increase circulation and blood flow in the face, and can be refreshing if she puts it in the fridge prior to using it.

11. Coffee mug warmer

Coffee is a college girl’s secret weapon for conquering the day. But ew… cold coffee? No thanks!

Always make sure the college girl in your life has a warm cup of coffee standing by to push her through her day with an electric coffee mug warmer.

If you want to be extra fancy and skip this stocking stuffer for something more elaborate, check out Ember mugs.

12. Sheet masks

Every college girl deserves some TLC, so why not help a girl out by getting her some sheet masks?

Sheet masks are a great way to nourish and pamper the skin without drying it out.

Sheet masks are loaded with moisturizing ingredients that will leave the college girl in your life glowing afterward!

13. Sleep mask

It can be quite difficult to get a good night’s rest in college.

That’s where a sleep mask can help.

Treat your college girl to luxury with a silk sleep mask that will keep all the light out of her eyes and hopefully give her the best sleep of her life!

14. Facial spray

Every college girl needs a midday pick-me-up.

A facial spray can be a great way to refresh the face and give it some love after studying for hours on end.

Facial sprays are also perfectly sized to gift as a stocking stuffer.

15. Pillow case

Who doesn’t LOVE a fresh, clean pillow case?

Pillowcases can also be a great way to add personality and life to a dreary college girl’s dorm room.

This holiday season, why not pick her up a set of pillow cases to put in her stocking?

We know she will love them!

16. Apple Airpod case

If your college girl is an Airpod user, then an Airpod case is a must.

And it fits perfectly in a Christmas stocking!

Of course, she can use the one the Airpods originally came in, but if she has a decorative phone case, then why not have a decorative Airpod case too?

17. Mini smartphone printer

In college there are many memories to be made.

However, sometimes memories get lost whether that be in the mind or on an iPhone camera roll.

Give a college girl in your life this miniature smartphone printer as a stocking stuffer this year.

It will give her the power to print out her favorite memories as miniature Polaroid photos and save them in an album or to hang in her dorm room.

18. iPhone case

A good phone case is not only sturdy, but also stylish. And trust me, no college girl wants a cracked phone screen.

The best iPhone cases are the Casetify ones. They’re sleek, come in so many different designs, and fit great in a stocking.

19. Selfie light

A selfie light can be a game changer for college girls. Especially if the college girl in your life likes going out to parties at night.

Help your college girl take her late night photos from a dark, pixilated mess to an Insta-worthy photo by gifting her a selfie light in her Christmas stocking this year.

20. Mini essential oil diffuser

Unfortunately, many college dorms do not allow for candles.

So many college girls are looking for alternative solutions for making their dorm room smell amazing.

A great solution is a mini oil diffuser.

This miniature essential oil diffuser is adorable and will fit even in the tightest spaces.

21. Mini pill case

If the college girl in your life is always on the go, but takes medicine daily, it is important that she has a on-the-go solution for her medications.

A miniature pill case is a perfect and cute solution. And she can store her medications discretely too.

22. Cable bite

Help your college girl keep her electronic cords organized with cable bites.

Cable bites are an adorable way to keep cords organized and identifiable.

I personally have a cable bite for my laptop charger (it’s a cat) and my iPhone cord (it’s a panda).

23. Scalp massager

If your college girl has limited time to treat herself to a pedicure once a week or an at-home facial, then a scalp massager is perfect.

A scalp massager promotes hair growth and feels incredible! Plus, it gives her an excuse to stay in the warm shower for just a few more minutes.

24. Heatable plushie

Whether it be period cramps or a sore back from carrying around a heavy book bag all day, a heatable plushie is cute way to relieve pain.

These heatable plushies are easy to throw in the microwave for instant warmth or relief from aches and pains.

And they can even be put in the fridge as a cooling pad after a long day in the summer heat.

25. Keychain

Keys are so much better with a little bit of personality added to them.

These floral resin ones (as shown to the right) are a great way to add a pop of color to a keychain or this indecisive keychain is perfect for the college girl who’s terrible at making decisions.

26. Mini Bluetooth speaker

Whether your college girl needs a little bit of background music while studying or is at a party with no aux cord, a miniature Bluetooth speaker is a great way for her to enjoy her space with her favorite tunes.

27. Hairbrush

A fresh, new hairbrush is the perfect stocking stuffer.

The college girl in your life will be able to use this stocking stuffer over and over again and keep her hair tangle-free.

28. Reusable makeup remover cloth

Makeup wipes are a lazy or tired college girl’s go-to method for wiping off her makeup at the end of a long day or after a night out with the girls.

However, disposable makeup wipes are not the best for the environment, so why not add a reusable makeup wipe to her stocking this holiday season?

A reusable makeup wipe is even softer than a disposable makeup wipe and can be easily thrown into the wash after being used.

29. Silicone loofah

Loofahs are a staple in many college girl’s showers, but they can be a host for nasty bacteria or mold.

A silicone loofah can be an inexpensive upgrade to a typical loofah and a great stocking stuffer for your college girl.

Silicone loofahs are easier to maintain and keep sanitary even after multiple uses than regular ones.

30. Earrings

Any college girl with her ears pierced can’t say no a new pair of earrings.

It is so easy to wear the same earrings day in and day out, but if you get her the right pair that matches her style and personal aesthetic, you can bet she will never take them out.

To ensure she loves the earrings you put in her stocking this holiday season, stick to minimalistic and dainty earrings like these.

31. Ring holder

Similar to stocking stuffer idea #6, a jewelry dish, a ring holder can be another great stocking stuffer for the ring-lovin’ college girl in your life.

Ring holders make it easy to access everyday rings and keeps them in a safe place at nighttime while asleep.

32. Bath bombs

Self-care is so important in college.

Help the college girl in your life feel relaxed and rejuvenated by gifting her bath bombs in her stocking this year.

This pack of 5 bath bombs from Sauve (as shown on the right) is a fantastic low-cost stocking stuffer that would let the college girl in your life try out a variety of different scents and have a new experience each time she uses one.

33. Coaster set

Coasters are a must-have for any living space. They help protect furniture and are a great way to add personality to a living space.

Whether the college girl in your life is living in a dorm room or her own apartment, a new set of coasters is one of the best stocking stuffers this year.

These agate monogram coasters from Anthropologie (as shown on the right) are chic, classy, and would look great in any living space.

34. Passport holder

If your college girl has the travel bug and doesn’t already have a passport holder or her current one is looking a little beat up from all her previous travels, a brand new one would be a great thing to put in her stocking this holiday season.

35. Card game set

Card games have become pretty sophisticated in recent years.

Instead of just getting a deck of cards, now there are card games to help prompt self-reflection, quiz one’s self on trivia, and break the ice with new friends.

This card set on the right is The School of Life 100 Questions Cards and they are a great option to put in a stocking for a college girl.

These cards can help her spark conversation with friends, help her self-reflect, and discover herself.

36. Set of pens

For the college girl, pens are the equivalent to bobby pins, they just lose them like crazy.

Help your college girl always be ready to take notes in class or on the go with a set of new pens.

A set of pens makes a great stocking stuffer because they can actually be used and are always needed no matter what.

37. To-do notepad

Every college girl is crazy busy! From classes to work to extracurricular events on campus, every college girl needs a way to keep everything on her schedule in order.

One of the best ways to help your college girl stay organized it to get her a to-do notepad.

This one from Etsy is perfect because it is personalized and has tons of writing space for even the busiest of college girls.

38. Stationary set

Every college girl needs to have some stationery on hand to write thank you cards, an impromptu get well soon card, or to just send a sweet message out of the blue to a friend.

Also, there’s something so charming about handwritten letters and notes!

This stationary set, on the right, from Anthropologie is elegant, feminine, and a great stockings stuffer (of course!).

39. Popsocket

No college girl wants to even think about dropping her phone and smashing her phone screen.

One of the best ways to keep her phone secure, but trendy at the same time is a Popsocket.

A Popsocket simply sticks to the back of her phone and she can hold her phone securely between her fingers with less chance of it slipping out.

Popsockets also come in a variety of different designs, which makes it easy to match her personal style.

40. Waterbottle

A Christmas stocking can also be a great place to put odd-shaped items, like the last stocking stuffer idea for college girls: a water bottle.

A brand new water is perfect because it can help motivate her to drink more water and be a cute accessory on her desk while she studies.

This monogram one from Anthropologie is a great choice.

Concluding thoughts on stocking stuffer ideas for college girls

Picking out the right things to put in a Christmas stocking for the college girl or college girls in your life doesn’t have to be complicated and can actually be pretty fun.

In today’s blog post, I shared 40 stocking stuffer ideas for college girls for 2023.

I hope this list sparked a ton of inspiration and put you in the gift-giving spirit for this holiday season. Good luck!

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