11 Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas for Sorority Girls (2023)

Wondering what to get your sorority big or sorority little this holiday season? Get your whole sorority fam and your sorority BFFs the trendiest 2023 holiday gifts for sorority women.

The 2023 holiday season is right around the corner and it is time to start making a list of all the sorority girls in your life to spoil this year.

If you are wondering what to get your sorority big, sorority little, or your sorority BFFs this year for Christmas, you’ll love this 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Sorority Girls.

This sorority girl holiday gift guide contains the 11 trendiest gifts you can get your sorority sisters this 2023 holiday season.

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Sorority Girls

Apple watch band

Need an easy holiday gift for ALL of the sorority girls in your life?

An Apple Watch band is a perfect choice–well of course, as long as they have an Apple Watch already.

Think about how cute it would for your sorority family to have matching Apple Watch bands or a cute scrunchie Apple Watch band that matches with your sorority BFF.

A wooden sign

Sorority wooden signs are the perfect gift for your favorite sorority girl that wants to spruce up her college dorm room or apartment. A wooden sign is easy to pair with different decor and won’t clash as easily as a sorority flag. Plus, they look great as photo props, so she’ll always be Instagram ready.

Greek letter blanket

One of the hardest gifts to say, ‘no,’ to is a cozy blanket.

What’s even 100x harder is saying, ‘no,’ to a sorority blanket this holiday season.

These blankets are perfect for the endless holiday movie binge sessions you’ll have with your sorority family. They’re also perfect to have during super informal chapter meetings or when you go on Sisterhood retreats in the colder months.

When I was an active sister in my Gamma Phi Beta chapter, blankets were always a staple gift to give to my sorority littles in their Big Little baskets or as holiday presents for my sorority family members.

Personalized Yeti tumbler

No one, especially a tired sorority girl, wants to have cold coffee. The perfect solution? A personalized insulated Yeti tumbler.

I adore my Yeti tumbler I got from my sorority big in 2018, and I know the coffee-lovin’ sorority girl in your life will love it just as well.

Plus, there are so many ways to customize Yeti tumblers these days, from engraving to decals, so you can gift a Yeti tumbler that not only fits her extra-large cup of coffee but also her personal style.

A framed wall print

Wall prints, digital or physical, are relatively inexpensive, but super trendy holiday gifts for the sorority girl in your life. They add a splash of personality to any room and can be changed out easily. Most wall prints are under $15 and you can purchase your own frame at the Dollar Store or when they go on sale at Michael’s Craft Store.

Oversized crewneck

What does every sorority girl love? Oversized clothes.

From oversized t-shirts to crewnecks–an oversized crewneck will always be a super trendy holiday gift to get for one of your sorority sisters. They are so easy to pair with leggings and boots for a go-to, “I tried and now I’m going to class” look.

Weekender bag

From Sisterhood Retreats to Recruitment Retreat to weekend trips with the sorority fam, a weekender bag is a must-have for any sorority girl. They’re easy to take on those quick overnight trips and hold just about everything. You can even get it monogrammed for each sorority sister you give it to for an touch of personalization.

2023 Planner

A good yearly planner is a sorority girl’s best friend. It’s where she can keep all of her sorority events, class due dates, and other commitments written down to make sure she’s not overbooking herself.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the sorority girl in your life that she will use over and over again, a planner for 2023 is a solid choice. I personally love the Lilly Pultizer planners, but I also hear great things about the Day Designer planners as well.

Stitch letters

Every sorority girl needs a good stitch letter shirt to wear to PR events and sorority family photos.

If your sorority family has a specific stitch letter design that’s outdated or your sorority little’s original stitch letter you got her is looking a little worn out, this holiday season is the perfect time to get her a brand new stitch letter shirt.

Matching pajama set

How cute would it be to have matching PJs with your sorority family or your sorority BFF? Now that would be super insta-worthy. I absolutely adore these pastel tie-dye PJs that can be customized with name, your sorority title in the family (Big, Little, GBig, GGBig, etc.). And if tie dye isn’t your style, Target always has great, affordable PJ sets you can pick up as a holiday gift for the sorority girl in your life.


This is a more unique gift, but succulents and cacti are super trendy and make a great gift for any sorority girl in your life. For the most part, succulents and cacti are super durable plants that need very little care (just some sunshine and occasional watering), which is perfect for the busy sorority girl.

Honorable mentions / 2023 holiday stocking stuffers for sorority girls

If you are looking for additional gifts to give the sorority girl in your life this 2023 holiday season, here are a few honorable mentions that would be great as individual gifts or even as stocking stuffers:

  1. Bath bombs
  2. Body scrub
  3. Microfiber hair scrunchies
  4. Makeup/toiletry bag
  5. Sorority big/little coffee mug
  6. Sorority letter keychain
  7. Sorority letter hat
  8. Fuzzy socks

Final thoughts on 2023 holiday gift ideas for sorority girls

Finding the perfect holiday gift for each sorority girl in your life can be a struggle. Every sorority girl has their own personality, style, and wants. With this 2023 holiday gift guide, I hope you found the right gifts or the inspiration you needed to get the perfect gifts for each sorority girl in your life.

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