50 Questions To Ask Sorority Sisters During Recruitment

Make a lasting impression and show your interest in sorority life with these 50 questions to ask during sorority rush.

Sorority recruitment is like a job interview, but way more casual, upbeat, and of course, louder.

Occasionally, during your conversations with sorority sisters, there may come a point where there is the *dreaded* lull in the conversation.

And then the sorority sister asks you, “do you have any questions?”

When this happens you need to be prepared with your own set of questions to ask in order to (1) keep the conversation flowing and (2) let the sister know that you are seriously interested in their sisterhood.

In this blog post I am sharing with you 50 good questions to ask a sorority sister during recruitment.

These questions will be broken down by recruitment round, but you can always mix and match questions depending on where the conversation is headed.

And if you need additional pointers about sorority recruitment conversations, check out this post on 9 topics you should avoid during sorority recruitment.

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Why is it important to ask sorority sisters questions at recruitment?

Prior to sorority recruitment, sorority sisters are taught to keep their conversations flowing and focused on the potential new member (PNM) they are talking to.

However, not all recruitment conversations flow well especially if there is a lack of a connection between the PNM and sister OR the sorority sister is new to recruiting.

If this does occur, there’s nothing you, as the PNM, did wrong.

But now you have the opportunity to win back the conversation and increase your chances of getting invited back the next day by asking the right questions.

By asking a sorority sister questions you are showing genuine interest in their sisterhood. And you are showing that you are willing and wanting to learn more about their sisterhood. And this is a quality all sororities are looking for in PNMs!

I mean think about it: if you asked someone, “do you have anymore questions?” and they said, “no.” Wouldn’t that turn you off?

It would turn me off (even if they already had all the right answers at the beginning of the interview).

So always be sure to have a few questions prepared and ready to whip out if the conversation comes to a halt.

50 questions to ask at sorority recruitment

Questions to ask during Open House or Sisterhood Round

Open House and Sisterhood Rounds are usually the most casual.

So on these days, focus on questions regarding sisterhood bonding or activities the sorority does throughout the year. You can also ask more fun questions, questions regarding balancing sorority life and school/work, questions regarding leadership opportunities, etc.

  1. What’s your favorite Sisterhood event your chapter has done or is planning on doing this semester?
  2. What are some unique Sisterhood events your chapter puts on?
  3. What are some ways your sorority interacts with the Greek community on campus?
  4. What made you want to go through recruitment?
  5. What made you want to join this particular chapter?
  6. How does big little work in your sorority?
  7. How did you meet your sorority big or sorority little?
  8. How do you balance sorority events while working or going to school?
  9. What kind of leadership opportunities does this chapter offer to new members?
  10. What are new member meetings like for your chapter?
  11. What are chapter meetings like for your chapter?
  12. How much time do sisters dedicate to the sorority per week?
  13. What is it like to live at the chapter house?
  14. What are the academic requirements once you join this sorority?
  15. How have you personally benefitted from joining a sorority?
  16. Is there any advice you could give me while going through sorority recruitment?
  17. Does your sorority chapter participate in intramural sports? If so, which ones?
  18. How does your chapter bond during summer or winter breaks?
  19. Does your sorority go on any retreats? If so, what are they like?
  20. How can new members get involve with the chapter from the start?
  21. What are some fun facts about your sorority?
  22. What makes your chapter different from the others on campus?
  23. What is the funnest thing that has happened to you while being in a sorority?
  24. How did you pick your sorority big or little?
  25. What was the biggest shocker to you when you joined a sorority?
  26. How do you personally get involved with your sorority chapter?
  27. What is the best way to meet and make friends in your chapter?
  28. Describe your sorority chapter in 5 words.
  29. How does your chapter support its sisters going through a hard time?
  30. Are there any incentives for going to chapter meetings or getting good grades?
  31. How much are your chapter’s dues? And what’s included with the dues?

Questions to ask during Philanthropy Round

Philanthropy Round is focused on the sorority chapter’s philanthropic mission or focus, which is the organization or cause the sorority is directly raising money for.

For example, Alpha Xi Delta’s philanthropic partner is Autism Speaks and Tri Sigma’s philanthropic initiative is the March of Dimes.

So during these round(s), focus on questions regarding each sorority’s philanthropy and what events they put on to support their philanthropic partner(s).

And if the sororities at your university participate in Dance Marathon you can ask questions related to that event too.

  1. What does your sorority’s philanthropy mean to you?
  2. How do you personally get involve with your chapter’s philanthropy?
  3. Are there any events that your chapter puts on to promote your philanthropic partner?
  4. How can new members get involved with your chapter’s philanthropy?
  5. What is your favorite philanthropy event that your chapter puts on or has put on?
  6. Does your chapter participate in other sorority chapters’ philanthropy events?
  7. How often does your chapter put on philanthropy events?
  8. What do you wear to philanthropy events?
  9. Are there ways to get involved with your sorority’s philanthropy after graduation?
  10. Does your chapter participate in Dance Marathon? If so, how involved is your chapter with Dance Marathon?

Questions to ask during Preference Round

If you’ve gotten this far during sorority recruitment you certainly have at least one chapter who is head over heels for you!

While during this round, the sorority sister should be doing most of the talking and trying to convince you to choose their chapter over all the others, be prepared to ask some deeper, more personal questions if needed.

  1. What keeps you committed to your sorority chapter?
  2. What is a challenge your sorority sisters have helped you overcome?
  3. How did you know this sorority was for you?
  4. What was your biggest fear in regard to joining a sorority? How did you overcome it?
  5. What is one piece of advice you would give a PNM who is looking to join your sorority?
  6. How do you see your sisterhood influencing your life after college?
  7. What does your sisterhood mean to you?
  8. Who do you look up to in your sorority?
  9. What’s your favorite memory from being in a sorority?

Final thoughts regarding questions to ask a sister during sorority recruitment

Asking questions during sorority recruitment can be a strategic way to be remembered (in a good way) by the sisters you talk to.

So it is always a good idea to have a few go-to questions you can sprinkle in throughout your conversations or when the conversation trails off into silence.

I hope today’s blog post has helped you come up with a list of questions you can use during your recruitment experience and help you get a bid to your dream sorority. Good luck!

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