What Is A Sorority Philanthropy?

One of the main aspects of sorority life is philanthropy. But what is it exactly all about…?

When you join a sorority you are joining a sisterhood connected to a greater cause: a philanthropy.

A sorority philanthropy is a specific organization or cause a sorority, at the national or international level, will raise awareness for and donate money to through various events held throughout the school year by each local chapter. Some sororities may also have an overarching philanthropic focus and a separate philanthropic partner(s).

For example, Αlpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic focus is fighting hunger and their philanthropic partners are Feeding America and Meals on Wheels.

In this blog post we will further discuss everything you need to know about sorority philanthropies and what to expect of them during your own sorority experience.

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Why do sororities have philanthropies?

Every sorority bring together women from different backgrounds. But despite individual differences within each sorority chapter, its philanthropy joins or connects these women together.

Without a philanthropy, there would be no centralized purpose for the sorority.

Philanthropy keeps the sisterhood cohesive and connected during and after college.

And not only that, it connects the sorority chapter with their local community and on-campus greek community through various philanthropy events.

What are philanthropy events?

Philanthropy events are one-time or reoccurring events that sorority chapters hold to raise awareness and money for their philanthropy.

These events can range from talent shows, athletic events, 5k races, food competitions, pageant, etc.

For example: as a sister of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, my chapter and all active Gamma Phi Beta chapters, would put on an event once a year called Moonball, which is a kickball, volleyball, or basketball tournament.

Juliet Meiling at a sorority philanthrophy event, Moonball, for Gamma Phi Beta.

My chapter also put on other philanthropy events. For example, one year we did an obstacle course race, called GPhi Joe, and another year we did a tailgate food competition.

All proceeds from our philanthropy events would be donated to our local Girls on the Run chapter.

How often are philanthropy events held?

Your chapter will put on several philanthropy events each academic year.

At minimum, expect there to be 1 philanthropy event per semester.

You will learn more about them during your new member and chapter meetings, so be sure to pay attention during those meetings for all the details.

What do you do at philanthropy events?

Sisters of the chapter will actively promote, raise money, and help set up, run, and clean up after the philanthropy event.

If your chapter holds an athletic tournament or food competition, you may be able to even participate in it yourself.

For example, at my chapter’s Moonball tournaments we created our own team and played against the other sorority and fraternity chapters on-campus. However, we weren’t eligible to win our own event!

How long are philanthropy events?

Some events are all day long and some are just a few hours.

For example, my chapter’s Moonball events were all day long, but our GPhi Joe events were about 4 hours in the evening.

Where are philanthropy events held?

Usually these events will be held on-campus, unless your chapter is volunteering off-campus.

For example, my chapter’s Moonball tournaments were held at an athletic field on university property. But when my chapter went to volunteer at Girls On The Run races we had to travel to the race location.

Ultimately, your Philanthropy Chairwoman will let you know the time and location of all of your philanthropy events.

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What are the philanthropies of the member organizations in the National Panhellenic Conference?

There are 26 member organizations part of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

Each organization has their own respective national or international philanthropy/philanthropies.

The table below lists the philanthropies of each NPC organization.

You can use this table to learn more about your own sorority’s philanthropy or guide your research prior to sorority recruitment.

Some women who go through recruitment will base their decision on the philanthropy they connect to the most.

And sorority women love to talk with prospective members about their philanthropy–there’s even a recruitment round dedicated to philanthropy–so be sure to ask them questions about it during Rush.

SororityNational / International Philanthropy
Αlpha Chi OmegaDomestic Violence Awareness
Αlpha Delta PiRonald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)
Αlpha Epsilon PiElizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsheret
Αlpha Gamma DeltaFighting Hunger
Αlpha Omicron PiArthritis and the Arthritis Foundation
Alpha PhiAlpha Phi Foundation
Alpha Sigma AlphaSpecial Olympics, Girls On The Run (GOTR), and Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation
Alpha Sigma TauWomen’s Wellness Initiative
Alpha Xi DeltaAutism Speaks
Chi OmegaMake-A-Wish Foundation
Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta)St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Delta GammaService for Sight
Delta Phi EpsilonThe Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, and Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation
Delta ZetaStarkey Hearing Foundation and the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)
Gamma Phi BetaBuilding Strong Girls and Girls On The Run (GOTR)
Kappa Αlpha ThetaCourt Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
Kappa DeltaGirl Scouts of the USA and Prevent Child Abuse America
Kappa Kappa GammaReading Is Fundamental (RIF)
Phi ΜuChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Phi Sigma SigmaPhi Sigma Sigma Foundation (School & College Readiness)
Pi Beta PhiRead > Lead > Achieve
Sigma Delta TauPrevent Child Abuse America, Jewish Women International, and the Sigma Delta Tau Foundation
Sigma KappaInherit the Earth, Maine Sea Coast Mission, Gerontology and Alzheimer’s Disease Research, and the Sigma Kappa Foundation
Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigma)Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation and Sigma Serves Children (supporting March of Dimes)
Theta Phi AlphaGlenmary Home Missioners, The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built, and Camp Friendship
Zeta Tau AlphaBreast cancer education and awareness (American Cancer Society)

Concluding thoughts on the definition of sorority philanthropy

Sorority women are connected by not only their sisterhood, but their philanthropy. Without a philanthropy, there would be no greater purpose for sororities.

Through philanthropy, women are able to serve and connect with their local communities and help improve the lives of others.

I hope today’s blog post furthered your knowledge and love for your future and current sorority’s philanthropic mission and focus.

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