77 Cute and Creative Sorority Family Tree Name Ideas

Want to give your Sorority Family tree a name? Check out these 77 Sorority Family tree name ideas that your sorority family will love!

Sorority Families are one of the best parts of sorority life.

You have your incredible GBig, Big, your Little (or soon-to-be Little), and you feel absolutely supported and loved by your Sorority Fam. But what else can you do to make your Sorority Fam feel more complete?

Give your Sorority Family a Sorority Family Tree name!

If you are stumped on what to name your Sorority Family, check out these 77 cute and creative Sorority Family tree name ideas to gather inspiration or even chose one from this list to call your own.

We will also go over must-know information about Sorority Families such as: What is a Sorority Family? What is a Sorority Family tree name? And does it matter if my Sorority Family has a family tree name?

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What is a Sorority Family?

A Sorority Family is a group of sorority women who have mutually selected one another to mentor and support one another in an “official” capacity.

What do I mean by “official?”

In general, your Sorority Family is recognized by your sorority chapter and you have gone through the basic steps to becoming a Sorority Family such as: picking the perfect Sorority Big or Sorority Little, giving your new Little gift baskets, and participating in Sorority Big Little Reveal.

Who makes up a Sorority Family?

The most simplistic Sorority Family is made up of a single Sorority Big and her Sorority Little.

But Sorority Families can get very complex once you start including your Big’s big (your Grand Big or GBig), your Sorority Twin, Sorority Cousins, your Sorority Aunt (your Big’s twin), your own Sorority Little, and so forth.

Regardless of how extensive your Sorority Family tree is, you’re most likely going to get close to your primary Sorority Family members: your Big and your own Little or Littles.

What is a Sorority Family tree name?

A Sorority Family tree name or sorority lineage name is a name you give your Sorority Fam to help identify yourselves among the other Sorority Families in your chapter. It is like a sports team name, but cuter.

How do you come up with a Sorority Family name?

Coming up with a new Sorority Family name involves the entire Sorority Family, so you should text, call, or arrange a Sorority Fam get together at someone’s apartment or even a coffee shop to brainstorm a new family name.

Some good ways to start brainstorming would be to think of things everyone in the Sorority Fam has in common.

Same favorite color? Same favorite movie or TV show? What about college major or minor? Sports teams? Animals? Pattern?

And don’t worry, if you’re stuck you can scroll down the blog post to get the list of 77 Sorority Family Tree name ideas.

What is a good Sorority Family tree name?

A good Sorority Family name is one that every girl in your Sorority Fam can be happy with.

There’s truly no guidelines to what your Sorority Family name can or can’t be (well…it needs to be G to PG-rated), so you and your Sorority Fam really have unlimited possibilities.

Does it matter if my Sorority Family has a family tree name?

Honestly, no. It is does not matter if your Sorority Family has a family tree name.

Some, if not most, sorority chapters do not recognize Sorority Family tree names in an official capacity.

Instead, it is simply a name you give your Sorority Family to make you feel more cohesive and closer to one another.

For instance, your Sorority Family tree name can influence future Sorority Big Little reveal themes or the stitch letter design for your Sorority Fam.

For example, if your family name is the Tie-Dye Fam you may always have some sort of tie-dye pattern tied into future Sorority Big Little Reveals like a Tie-Dye sheet or a Tie-Dye box (depending on the style of the reveal).

Or your family’s stitch letters could be tie-dye.

Another example, if you Sorority Fam is the Sunflower Fam, you could make it a tradition to give newly-initiated Sorority Family members a bouquet of sunflowers after the initiation ceremony or at Big Little Reveal.

You may have your family stitch letters have a sunflower pattern to create a more cohesive look for family stack photos.

A Sorority Family tree name can also be helpful if you post a photo on Instagram of your Sorority Family and want to create a cute caption around your Sorority Family getting together like, “so happy we got to add to the Diamond Fam tonight!”

Can you change your Sorority Family tree name?

Yes, you can change your Sorority Family name!

Because family tree names are not officially recognized by most, if not all, sorority chapters, you’re more than welcome to change up your Sorority Family name as much as you want.

Just be sure if you change it, you keep your entire fam in the loop!

You may also find the desire to change your Sorority Family name if there’s been a change in the structure of the Sorority Family, like someone dropping out of the sorority, the Sorority Fam got split up/cut ties with one another, or someone graduated from college.

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77 Sorority Family Tree Name Ideas

  1. Angel Fam
  2. Apple Fam
  3. Barbie Fam
  4. Bumblebee Fam
  5. Cactus Fam
  6. Chai Fam
  7. Cheetah
  8. Cherry Fam
  9. Chipotle Fam
  10. Chocolate Fam
  11. Coffee Fam
  12. Comfy Fam
  13. Confetti Fam
  14. Cookie Fam
  15. Corgi Fam
  16. Cotton Candy Fam
  17. Cupcake Fam
  18. Cute Fam
  19. Daisy Fam
  20. Diamond Fam
  21. Dipper Fam
  22. Disney Fam
  23. Dolphin Fam
  24. Donut Fam
  25. Dragon Fam
  26. Elephant Fam
  27. Extra Fam
  28. Fit Fam
  29. Galaxy Fam
  30. Glitter Fam
  31. Groovy Fam
  32. Hippie Fam
  33. Hot Mess Fam
  34. Ice Cream Fam
  35. Jewel fam
  36. Leopard Fam
  37. Magic Fam
  38. Marble Fam
  39. Money Fam
  40. Nugget fam
  41. Panda Fam
  42. Pastel Fam
  43. Pearl Fam
  44. Pepsi Fam
  45. Pie Fam
  46. Pink Fam
  47. Polka Dot Fam
  48. Preppy Fam
  49. Pumpkin Spice Fame
  50. Rainbow Fam
  51. Rose Fam
  52. Royal Fam
  53. Sassy Fam
  54. Scrunchie Fam
  55. Seahorse Fam
  56. Sequin Fam
  57. Sneaker Fam
  58. Space Fam
  59. Sparkle fam
  60. Spicy Fam
  61. Star Fam
  62. Starbucks Fam
  63. Stiletto Fam
  64. Strawberry Fam
  65. Sunflower Fam
  66. Sunshine Fam
  67. Sweater Fam
  68. Sweet Fam
  69. Taco Fam
  70. Tea Fam
  71. Tie-Dye Fam
  72. Tiny Fam
  73. Tootsie Fam
  74. Tropical Fam
  75. Turtle Fam
  76. Unicorn Fam
  77. Zen Fam

Concluding thoughts on sorority family tree name ideas

Choosing a Sorority Family name can be a great way to feel closer and more coordinated with your Sorority Family.

In today’s blog post, we discussed the basics of what a Sorority Family tree name is, how to come up with your own, and 77 ideas you can use for inspiration or as your own.

At the end of the day, no matter what your Sorority Family tree name is, I hope you always hold your Sorority Family near and dear to your heart and make the most of the memories you will share with them throughout your college and sorority life.

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