23 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Sorority Sisters

Looking for the perfect gift to give your sorority sister? Check out this list of 23 gift ideas for your sorority sisters.

Through thick and thin, your sorority sisters are by your side from the moment you run home on Bid Day to the day you say your goodbyes at the last sorority chapter meeting before graduation.

To say thanks to your sisters, whether it’s your Big or BFF, a gift is always welcomed, but of course not necessary!

But if you want to give your sorority sister a little extra something other than a handwritten note or a genuine, “thank you,” I have the perfect gift ideas for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss 23 gift ideas for sorority sisters. These gifts are suitable for any sorority women and can be given regardless of occasion.

However, if you are looking for occasion specific gift guides for sorority girls check these out:

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1. Crewneck

Every sorority girl needs at least one… maybe two… or five crewnecks in their wardrobe. So no matter what the special occasion is you can never go wrong with getting your sorority sister a crewneck as a gift.

2. Bar necklace

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest. This sorority letter bar necklace makes the perfect gift for any sorority sister. It’s such a versatile necklace, she could wear it to chapter meetings or even out and about doing errands.

3. Wine tumbler

If the sorority sister you want to gift this to is of age and loves unwinding in evenings after class with some wine, then this adorable wine tumbler would be perfect for her! You can get this wine tumbler for her and a matching one for yourself and have a girl’s wine night in.

4. Sorority letter 90s inspired bracelet

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? This 90s inspired beaded bracelet would be a unique gift idea for your sorority sister. She can pair this bracelet with her outfit for informal chapter meetings or slip it on before heading to class to tie her casual look together.

5. Sorority ring dish

At the end of long day at a sorority meeting or event, wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to place for all of your jewelry? This sorority letter ring dish would be the perfect gift to give yourself or a sorority sister. She can keep her pin or badge plus her go-to jewelry for sorority events.

6. Oversized t-shirt

Sorority girls can never have enough t-shirts. And they would never say no to another oversized t-shirt they can wear to class, to the library, or on the couch watching Netflix. This comfort colors t-shirt would be such a great gift that any sorority woman would be happy to receive.

7. Custom digital print

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, but unique gift for your sorority sister then a digital print would be perfect. This digital print is the price of a Starbucks drink and you could easily frame it in a Dollar Store frame to create a gift in seconds.

8. Pillowcase

If the Sister in your life loves bringing their own pillow to Sisterhood Retreats or just loves decking her room out in her sorority letters, then this pillowcase would be perfect for her. The simplicity of the design makes it a great match with any bedding.

9. Keychain

Do you know a Sister who always loses her keys? Or maybe she uses an old lanyard to carry her keys. Either way, a brand new sorority letter keychain would be an excellent gift idea for her. With this keychain, she can give her car keys the “glow up” they deserve.

10. Wooden sign

Another classic gift every sorority girl wants to receive is a wooden sign. This sign would be perfect for any sorority sister of yours. She can hang it in her living room of her apartment or right over her bed.

11. Canvas

Does one of your sorority sisters need a little pop of color added to her room? If so, a canvas would be a great gift for her.

Nowadays, there’s so many adorable canvases on Etsy, like this one or this one, that you don’t even have to DIY it yourself. Plus, she’ll really appreciate this gift and will always think of you when she looks at it.

12. Wine bottle label

You never know when your sorority sister(s) will become a bridesmaid at your wedding or you’ll be given the honor of attending her 21st birthday party. Either way, for these big occasions your sorority sister deserves a little extra something–like a custom wine bottle label!

This wine bottle label would be the perfect surprise for your sorority sister. Pair it with her favorite champagne or moscato and she’ll have a bottle she will want to keep for a lifetime.

13. Stitch letters

A wardrobe staple of sorority girls are stitch letters. They’re the perfect shirt that allows her to be comfy, but put together all at the same time. Plus, the design of the stitch letter totally shows off her personality!

Whether it’s for her birthday, Christmas, or as a random “I appreciate you gift,” you can’t go wrong with a stitch letter shirt as a gift.

14. Rain jacket

Rainy days on campus are 100x easier with the proper rain gear. This sorority letter rain jacket is a great gift idea for your sorority sister. She will love how thoughtful it is especially if you live in a state where it rains constantly.

15. Mug

Waking up in the morning is less of a struggle with the right coffee mug. This mug would be a simple, but thoughtful gift for your coffee or tea loving sorority sister. Plus, no one can have enough coffee mugs!

16. Sorority letter flag

Whether it’s for a beach trip, Sisterhood Retreat, or just as home decor, a sorority flag is the perfect photo prop and piece of decoration for sorority girls. Since flag designs change overtime, it makes a wonderful gift idea even for the sister who already has everything.

17. Pom pom blanket

Every sorority girl needs a soft, cozy blanket for studying with at night or taking day naps on the couch. This sorority letter monogrammed blanket would be the coziest gift your sorority sister will ever receive.

18. Monogram water bottle

Like coffee mugs, no one can have enough water bottles. Especially an adorable one like this one. She will absolutely love how trendy this water bottle is and will always want to carry it around on campus.

19. Quarter-zip

If you couldn’t tell already, sorority girls love comfy clothes! But sometimes an oversized t-shirt or crewneck just won’t do. Instead she wants to spice up her look for the day with a quarter zip, like this one.

This pullover quart zip is perfect for layering in the fall and early spring time. And if you purchase it oversized, she can easily pair it with her favorite pair of leggings.

20. Canvas tote

Do you know a sorority girl who likes carrying around her whole life with her? Or maybe she’s super busy and needs to carry around just a bit of everything to be prepared for everything on her to-do list.

Either way, she’s in desperate need of a large tote bag, like this one, and she would totally appreciate it as a gift.

21. Indoor plant gift box

Not all gifts for sorority sisters need to be decked out with sorority letters, monograms, or preppy designs. If you’re looking to give your sorority sister a unique gift she’s sure to love, then why not get her a indoor plant?

This plant gift box comes with a Bird’s Nest Snake Plant, which is a easy-to-care for plant that would be perfect for the busy sorority girl.

22. Personalized journal

Whether it’s for journaling, to-do lists, or for chapter meeting notes, a personalized notebook is a thoughtful gift for any sorority sister. You can even DIY this gift yourself by buying a monogram decal and a notebook separately and then adding the decal to the notebook yourself.

23. Makeup bag

A versatile gift that every sorority girl wants to receive is a makeup bag. She can use it to store makeup, toiletries, female products, or simply use it as a pencil case in class. Plus, this one is too adorable to pass up!

Concluding thoughts on sorority gift ideas

Your sorority sisters are always there for you no matter what.

And when it comes time to thank them for all they have done, why not get them one of these special gifts mentioned today?

I truly hope this list of 23 gift ideas for sorority sisters has helped you discover new and unique gift ideas you can give to your sisters.

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