15 Sorority Big Little Date Ideas to Try in 2023

Looking for sorority big little date ideas to make your big little bond stronger? Check out these 15 sorority big little date ideas to try in 2023.

Whether you have just added a new sorority little to your sorority family or you feel like your current big little relationship is in a rut, consistently making time for your sorority big or sorority little can make all the difference in the unique bond you share as a big little duo.

If you are looking for sorority big little activities to do to, look no further!

In today’s blog post we are talking all about sorority big little date ideas to try in 2023.

These date ideas are perfect for new and old sorority big little duos, and you can adjust them to your personal taste and college budget.

And if you’re looking to get the whole sorority family involved, all of these date ideas can be used as sorority family bonding activities too.

15 sorority big little date ideas:

  1. Have a movie or TV show binge watching night
  2. Coffee shop date
  3. Go ice skating or rollerskating
  4. Big little shopping spree
  5. Get your nails done together
  6. Study date
  7. Go out to brunch
  8. Cook together
  9. Game night
  10. Go to a park and have a Big Little picnic
  11. Spontaneous photoshoot
  12. Visit a pet shelter together
  13. Go hiking together
  14. Explore a new city together
  15. Sorority crafting date
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15 sorority big little date ideas you’ll want to try in 2023

1. Have a movie or TV show binge watching night

Do you and your sorority big or little have a TV show or a movie series you both love like Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings?

If so, have a movie or TV show binge watching night.

You can take one Friday night a week, every other week, or once a month to get together, make popcorn, order in takeout, and binge watch TV shows or movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or whatever streaming service you prefer.

It is a great way to have a good laugh (or cry) with your sorority big or little, catch up on TV shows you have been too busy to watch because of school work, and even be introduced to new TV shows or movies.

This sorority big little date idea is even more perfect when you combine it with the holiday season. For example, you could binge-watch Halloween movies in October or holiday/Christmas movies in December.

You can even include the whole sorority family by inviting everyone over for a group movie or TV show binge watching night and make it a sorority family sleepover.

2. Coffee shop date

Who doesn’t love a good coffee date at Starbucks or a local coffee shop?

The aesthetic and vibes of a coffee shop are perfect for a casual sorority big little date before your next chapter meeting or on a random day of the week when you need to decompress after a hard test.

A coffee shop date is also great if you have just added a new sorority little to the sorority family because it allows you to get to know your brand new little in a calm environment and really have those relationship-building conversations.

If you want to go the extra mile on your sorority big little coffee shop date, offer to pay for your sorority big or little’s order. She will greatly appreciate it and it’ll be a wonderful suprise for her.

Also, if going to a physical coffee shop is not feasible due to the current state of the world, you could have a virtual coffee shop date over Zoom or FaceTime and just chat virtually while you each sip on a cup of coffee or tea.

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3. Go ice skating or rollerskating

The 3rd sorority big little activity can be a little questionable if you are not very coordinated.

However, going ice skating or rollerskating with your sorority big or sorority little can be a unique way to bond and make hysterical memories together. And if all else fails, both of you can just hang out on the side rails together and strategize a way to get back to a safer area.

4. Big little shopping spree

Sometimes all you need is a little retail therapy and what better way to do it than with your sorority big or little.

A big little shopping spree would be perfect around sorority big little season when your sorority little is getting gifts to fill up her new little’s big little baskets or if there is a sorority event coming up, like a dance or a themed mixer, and you need a new outfit or dress.

You also, don’t have to spend money on a big little shopping spree. Although “spree” implies spending money, you can also turn it into a window-shopping big little date.

This can be particularly fun if you chose a mall that has a lot of luxury brands, like Chanel, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton, and you two just browse endlessly in stores you know you can’t afford.

5. Get your nails done together

Getting your nails done with your sorority big or sorority little is a great way to bond and be pampered at the same time.

When you get your nails done together, you automatically have a full hour or so to talk with one another and catch up on all things sorority and college.

However, with the current climate of the world, you may not want to go to a physical nail salon for a sorority big little date.

Instead, you could do an at-home nail painting date night with regular nail polish or one of those DIY gel nail kits. You can complete this sorority big little date idea by ordering in takeout and putting on a TV show on Netflix.

6. Study date

Sometimes in college, you just can’t catch a break from having to study.

When you are busy balancing work, sorority, and school, it can be difficult to make time to bond with your sorority big or little.

If this is the case, why not kill two birds with one stone by having a study date with your big or little?

Having a study date can be even better if you are taking classes with your big or little or if one of you needs some tutoring done.

I personally have had study dates with one of my sorority little’s and we literally spent a good hour together while she taught me how to do the chain rule in calculus.

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7. Go out to brunch

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday brunch?

Going out to brunch with your sorority little or big is the picture-perfect date idea. You can make this date idea even more interesting by trying out a new brunch spot every Sunday or every other Sunday.

And you don’t have to just go to brunch either. Going out for a weekly breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner is a perfect sorority big little activity you can do to keep in touch with one another and consistently bond as big little.

8. Cook together

Although going out to eat with your sorority big or little is a great date idea for 2023, it can be costly from all the food and the gas you use going to different restaurants.

If you are looking to save some money or are tired of going out to eat, try cooking (or baking) together.

If your sorority little is a pro in the kitchen, let her teach you a new recipe. Or get a box of cake, brownie, or muffin mix and spend some time in the kitchen together baking a delicious treat you can share together over some coffee.

When I used to live with my sorority Big in my first apartment in college I always enjoyed when we would cook breakfast together before class. She would even make me eggs on occasion with cheese (of course).

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9. Game night

If you and your sorority big or little are competitive in nature, having a game night is another big little activity you can do together.

You can also invite your entire sorority family over for a family game night.

Game nights are great because there’s a variety of different things you can do for endless fun–from card games, to board games, and even video games as well.

I personally have always loved Cards Against Humanity, an adult card game, and the Jackbox Party Pack Series, a video game with a variety of different mini-games–like get to know you games, trivia games, and even games similar to Clue, where players use their phones to participate instead of a traditional controller.

10. Go to a park and have a Big Little picnic

If the weather is nice and you and your sorority big or little are free one afternoon, why not invite them on a picnic date?

Simply grab your big or little and pack a cooler with sandwiches, chips, sodas, and even some desert.

And if you’re too lazy to make the food, which I totally get, you can always get take out from a place like Panera or Newks and bring it with you to the picnic.

A picnic date combines yummy food with the opportunity to bond and catch up after a busy few days or week. You can even turn it into a picnic/study date by bringing your schoolwork with you.

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11. Spontaneous photoshoot

Who doesn’t want to show off their perfect sorority big or sorority little on Instagram or Facebook?

For this date idea–once a month make a plan with your sorority big or little to go out to a random field on the side of the road or to a new downtown area nearby and take photos together.

You can even bring another sorority sister or another sorority family member, like your G-Big (the big’s big) or your sorority twin (the girl you share a sorority big with), and you can switch off taking photos together.

If you can’t get someone to help take photos, you can always use a portable tripod with a bluetooth remote, I personally like this one.

To make this sorority big little activity even more fun, bring along props like bubbles, confetti, or ice cream to get some insta-worthy candid pictures.

12. Visit a pet shelter together

If your sorority big or sorority little are animal lovers, why not make a sorority big little date out of it?

One afternoon, go to an animal shelter together to spend some quality time with dogs and cats who are waiting on their forever home.

If pets aren’t your sorority big, little, or your thing, you can find volunteer opportunities to do together like feeding the homeless or mentoring at a local elementary school. VolunteerMatch.org is a great starting point for volunteer opportunities or see if there are volunteer opportunities through your college or your own sorority.

Whether it is visiting a pet shelter or volunteering, you can bond over these experiences with your sorority big or little while giving back to your local community.

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13. Go hiking together

Sometimes the best sorority big little dates are the ones that don’t involve technology or taking a ton of photos.

Being out in nature by going on a hike with your sorority big or little can be a great way to get away from the stress of college and life and get some fresh air and exercise too.

If you are looking for a new trail to hike on, Outside Online has a list of the best hikes in each state in the United States that you can check out as a starting point.

14. Explore a new city together

Not all sorority big and little duos enjoy nature.

If being in nature is not your thing, then try exploring a brand new city with your sorority big or little. And it doesn’t even have to be far, it could literally be the city your college is right next to on the map.

You’d be surprised what a small local city nearby has to offer in regards to food and entertainment.

One time I went exploring a small city up in North Georgia with my sorority big.

Even though it was a super small city (less than 2,000 people), we were able to find a cute restaurant to eat at for lunch, do a wine tasting, and venture around an antique store.

If you’re wanting a new city to explore with your sorority big or little, check out this list of 100 of America’s Best Cities as a starting point.

15. Sorority crafting date

If you and your sorority big or little share a love for painting and crafting, then a sorority crafting date night would be perfect.

And even better, you can use the crafts to decorate your room, give away as gifts, or even sell them as a side hustle.

You can easily get supplies like canvases (like these), acrylic paint (like this), paint brushes (like these), and wooden letters (alphabet letter like these or Greek letters like these) from a local craft store and just spend the night crafting away.

This big little date idea would also be perfect if you are preparing to take in a new little and want to DIY your own crafts for her.

If you are stumped on what to craft, you can try out these ideas down below:

You can also browse Pinterest or Etsy for the latest sorority craft trends that you can try to recreate yourself like this collage canvas or these sorority letter bead bracelets.

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Concluding thoughts on sorority big little date ideas

Every sorority girl dreams of having a close relationship with her sorority big or sorority little. To get closer to one another, having regular sorority big little dates is a must!

In today’s blog post, we discussed 15 sorority big little date ideas to try in 2023. These sorority big little activities are great for any big little duo at any stage in their relationship and they can be easily modified to fit your busy schedules and personal tastes.

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